8 things not to say in customer service, especially in IT

By Enabliser Natasha

So it may seem obvious but there are certain things that do not help the customer service experience. We’ve probably all been guilty at some time of saying something that aggravated a customer so here are show stoppers to avoid:

  1. Ah … closely follow by
  2. Uh oh – both convey you have absolutely no idea what is going on. Now it is fine not to know everything, but when someone has rung you as their trusted support best at least keep the façade for as long as possible.
  3. Don’t’ worry about that – or generally pretend this issue is not significant; they bothered to call you, they think it’s important.
  4. You don’t seem to understand – not at all helpful for anyone if there are any specific communication issues.
  5. I cannot help you – or generally not my problem, not my Department, I just don’t care… This is closely followed by
  6. I’ll have XYZ call you back in five – when you have no idea who XYZ is, or if they can in fact call back in that timeframe
  7. Yes, for the sake of saying yes.  With no idea of timeframe no idea if possible.  Essentially ‘the lie’ to keep someone happy – never works.
  8. The worst of them all – the complete ‘ignore’ in hope someone else will deal with it or the customer will just disappear.  Goes hand in hand with the refusal to keep the customer updated.  Whether progress is good news or bad, complete ‘ignore’ of update = problem escalate

Other things not to do include;

  • Fill the void with useless chatter, you have been called for advice, not waffle
  • Play the blame game, especially point the finger of blame too soon
  • Launch into the I just got dumped or any other personal baggage generally

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