Survitec Group

When Allied aircrew and sailors in WW2 needed flotation vests, inflatable life rafts and dinghies for survival, they depended on Survitec companies, saving thousands of lives, and directly contributing to the Allied victory. With a history dating back to 1852, companies which now form the Survitec group, such as RFD, Beaufort, Zodiac, DSB, Survival One and Shark pioneered the development of inflatable flotation bags to support the early aircraft industry when planes ditch in the sea.
Today their life rafts and lifejackets are used by shipping, airlines and defence forces in Australia and overseas, with a vastly expanded product and service range around the common theme of survival. In Australia the company is primarily involved in the supply, service and project management of marine, fire, life support and gas control equipment to government and major corporations, with operations around the country.

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