Project Management Software

This provides a consistent, standard system, with security and document control plus cost control.  Project Management Software for the Construction industry enables you to know your Commitments, Forecasts and projected Job Profits at any time - how any job is progressing, while keeping track of the activities and changes.

A Project  Manager needs to be able to manage the job effectively, using  Client Contracts, Variation Processing, Subcontracts and purchase orders. Project Management software keeps track of all your Job documentation  including Transmittals, RFIs, Meeting Minutes, Drawing Register and Job correspondence. It enables you to maintain Site Diaries and Field Reports within the Job. Keep track of documentation with emails in Microsoft Outlook® and file it with the Job. No longer are records hard to find, relying on where they are kept by each user; Project Management software solves it for everyone with centralised storage and local access. Project Management software will give you reports that tell you exactly what the status of any job is, with the ability to drill down into Cost Codes, Categories and Transactions. Produce your Forecast Reports to show the Committed Costs and Cost To Complete.

Benefits of Project Management Software

  • Improved communication between team members
  • Eliminate duplicated effort with shared information and processes
  • Improved control of change management
  • Reduced risk by having up to date, shared information
  • Document control – controlled, centrally sourced with accessible to all as required
  • Standard system – instead of each person doing it differently

Project Management Software for the Construction industry – an important part of an end-to-end solution. 

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