Invoice Approval Software for Construction

When approval is required from Project Managers at other locations, or just a large number of invoices to process, there are tools to simplify and speed up the approval process. Instead of having to print invoices and send them to supervisors for approval, it is done online. No longer will invoices get misplaced or lost: instead, with Invoice Approval Software for Construction, they get followed up and accounted for.

Invoice Approval software for Construction provides a paperless system so that you scan incoming invoices. By reading the invoice, OCR automatically enters the invoice details for you, then automatically routes invoices to the right people for approval, using defined rules.  Solutions provide for a supervisor to approve work that has been done, so that when invoices for the work are entered they are already approved, thus facilitating payment.

Benefits of our Invoice Approval Software for Construction

  • Efficiency – reduce manual steps and processes.
  • Time saving – potential saving of many hours sending out invoice batches for approval, follow up
  • Data entry reduced – with scanned data going straight into Accounts Payable
  • Commitments up to date – with invoice data recorded promptly, efficiently
  • Management, Reporting – process can be monitored for backlogs
  • Accessible – with documents scanned, no need to go hunting, they are accessible
  • Green savings – savings in paper, printing and handling costs
  • Cost saving – with significant efficiency increases, this translates to cost savings

Invoice Approval Software for Construction is part of an end to end solution. 

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