Estimating Software and Plan TakeOff Software

With Estimating Software and Plan TakeOff Software from Enabling you can automate take-off using on screen technology and have calculations and measurements done for you. In many cases this avoids the costly exercise of printing paper plans; simply save your Electronic Plans and start the TakeOff. Plan TakeOff Software allows you to see exactly what you have taken off – saving on checking and missing vital measurements. The user knows everything on the plan is tracked and measured. Plan TakeOff Software allows you to add notes and legends to plans and email them to people on site to assist in the construction process.

With Estimating Software from Enabling, a database of Labour, Material and Subcontract rates with Smart assemblies and formulas is available to streamline the process. It is easy to process changes, update and recalculate measurements, too. By designing your own spreadsheet layouts, you are able to look at multiple views of the data. e.g. By Cost Codes, Location, WBS etc. Using Estimating Software to automate and streamline the estimating process saves resources and gives your estimators more time to be more productive. Generate new estimates quickly; make fast adjustments, with last minute changes made easy.

Benefits of Estimating Software and Plan TakeOff software

  • Increased accuracy doing it electronically
  • Cost and time savings from doing away with slow, manual process
  • Cost savings from reduced printing
  • Faster processing with cost database
  • Faster processing for revisions and updates from not starting again
  • Resource savings from potentially needing fewer people
  • Consistency from estimates done the same way, with different people, at different times
  • Greater usability when integrated with procurements, costing, accounting, saving time, reduced data entry
  • Ease of reviewing and comparing, past estimates and actual v. estimate

Estimating and Plan TakeOff Software, an important part of an end-to-end construction focused solution

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