Document Management Software for Construction

A secure place to Save, Classify and Store Documents and retrieve them at any time. Documents can be linked to a Job, Customer, Vendor or just stored as Document Types. This eliminates the inconvenience of documents stored in different users’ computers – where they are not available for the whole business at a potentially important time. If important job/project documents are not systematically filed and easily retrieved, users must  search, and run the risk of being unable to support claims and disputes. Document Management Software for Construction lets you scan or save a document, route it to another user or set up a standard routing procedure. You can add Sticky notes and date stamps and classify a document before it is saved. With powerful Query functions you can define what documents you are looking for, and using OCR you can even search for specific words in documents. With a large number of documents kept over time, for many projects, used by many people, Document Management Software for Construction becomes part of an efficient operation, eliminates the problem of searching filing cabinets and desks to find what you need.

Benefits of Document Management Software for Construction

  • Time saved from simplified tracking of required documents
  • Easy retrieval without risk of mis-filed documents
  • Cost savings, a Green solution without all that paper being printed
  • Increased efficiency avoiding multiple copies being kept by different team members
  • Security, ensuring confidential information is kept secure

Document Management Software for Construction, an important part of an end-to-end construction solution. 

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