CRM Software for Construction

Construction businesses are now embracing this technology too. By adding CRM for Construction functionality many additional features are available, beyond accounting, job and project management. Before the project begins, CRM for Construction helps you to keep track of prospective Customers, Tenders, Tasks and To Do Lists. Tender Management ensures that you are reminded of critical dates involving the tender response. You are also able to look at Tender History and see what jobs have been quoted, won and lost and who has been sending them to you. Recurring tasks and processes can be automated, with information shared and kept in a single, controlled location. When a Job is won you can set up Job tasks and actions to be handled in an agreed way. Using CRM for Constructions enables you to have all sorts of other non accounting information. For example you can keep HR information on your employees and set up reminders for apprentices’ anniversary dates.

Powerful workflows enable a series of events to be set in place once an action occurs. Collaboration among team members is enhanced by sharing information about Customers, Vendors, Employees, Prospects and Jobs so you can work with other team members more effectively.

CRM for Construction, provides another dimension to the business with more focus on customers.

CRM for Construction, an important part of an end-to-end construction solution. 

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