Construction Time Sheet Entry Software and Construction Payroll Software

With processes to handle approval, and tracking timesheet data against jobs, projects and customers, employees are able to enter their timesheets out of the office when it suits them, wherever they have internet access.  With integration to Construction Payroll Software, electronic timesheets increase your efficiency and productivity, streamlining payroll processing.

Construction Payroll Software integrates with your Construction Accounting Software to facilitate Job Costing, Equipment Costing  and Billing. You only have to enter payroll data once and your Jobs are updated as well as the accounting system. This eliminates the need for separate systems to account for Jobs/Projects, and the inefficiencies and inaccuracies that updating separate systems can lead to. When the accounting system can’t report on job costs till it is closed off, for example. With the accurate reflection of job costs, including payroll, as the job progresses, Cost Plus Billing is updated at the same time. Construction payroll software knows Australian construction, with job rates per employee, overtime, industry awards, absence registration, long service leave, superannuation and entitlements, payroll tax, entitlements and more. 

Construction Payroll Software has flexible reporting options that allow you to see the information you require, in real time - total pay, overtime and holiday, sick and long service leave hours taken and accrued. A payroll system integrated with accounting and jobs and projects is part of the smart way to run a construction related business. 

Benefits of Construction Time Sheet Entry Software and Construction Payroll Software

  • Efficient, time saving – enter timesheets once and entire system updated
  • Convenient – enter timesheets anytime, anywhere
  • Increased accuracy – employees enter their own times
  • Billing facilitated with accurate job costs captured
  • Efficiencies from integrated system with once-only data entry

Time Sheet Entry Software and Construction Payroll Software, part of an end to end solution for the Construction industry. 

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