Construction Accounting Software

Construction Accounting Software provides the tools for you to make sure each of your jobs is as profitable as possible, and measured against budget, to see at a glance how each job is doing. If you wait weeks for the data, or until the job is finished, that’s a recipe for going out of business quickly. Knowing the big picture as well as the detail of each job as it happens is the benefit of an integrated Construction Accounting software solution.

With Construction Accounting Software, you have the usual Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory and Reporting plus the special functions needed in construction, from variations to sub contracts, retention and progress billing. When your Accounts Department enters an invoice, or employee enters a timesheet, it immediately shows on your job reports, no delay at all. No need to record it separately on a spreadsheet for the Job. Do you find that invoices can take weeks to be approved and entered? You can report on pending invoices still awaiting approval. If you enter un-approved invoices into your Construction Accounting Software, they will appear on your jobs now; when the Project Manager approves them, your job costs are automatically adjusted.  With Construction Accounting Software you can go even better and report on estimates and forecasts to see how costs are blowing out, or Purchase Orders and Subcontracts as soon as you let them, and track Subcontract claims and report on the performance of your sub contractors. Progress claims, including variations, can be turned into an invoice with a few clicks after approval. With cash-flow reporting on your jobs it is easy to compare incoming cash against outgoing cash for a true picture of your business health. Up to date, accurate costs with the click of a button, that is Construction Accounting Software.

Benefits of Construction Accounting Software

  • Efficient, accurate - single system instead of separate silos and spreadsheets
  • Better project management – all information in a single place
  • Up to date and accurate reporting for different users
  • Effective monitoring of costs and profitability with single system

These are just some of the things that integrated Construction Accounting Software can do for your construction business. Accurate information now.

Construction Accounting Software  – an important part of an end-to-end solution. 

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