Why have a Software Solution Geared for the Food Industry?

Medium-sized manufacturers in general face a whole range of challenges with business software and even more in the Fresh Food industry. For such organisations, whether to MRP or not to MRP is not a relevant question anymore – a MRP system is essential if you want to compete with other manufacturers and sustain your business. But where do you start when looking to select a new solution? For example Process Manufacturers – especially those in the food and beverage industry – often face a high stakes situation when it comes to information.  In your industry, a lack of visibility can translate directly to a public health risk – every food and beverage manufacturers worst nightmare. Having an integrated solution limits risk, and there are many that are common for manufacturers of all types – the costly effects of downtime, the need for measures to ensure safety and Quality Assurance.

It is not simply a question of  which two or three Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems to put at the top of one’s short list, as the selection process is typically much more complicated. In particular, there are parallel challenges of developing one’s own MRP paradigm and whether to accept long term strategies regarding cloud or traditional on-premise roadmaps, as well as many lower priority issues.

With all of these factors to take into account, selecting a MRP solution for your industry sector becomes a question of choosing a way of business evolution for the years to come.  We know how important it is to have good information before making smart decisions. We’re confident that the more you know about the benefits of a modern, fully integrated solution geared to the requirements of the food industry, the more likely you are to see the benefits of, and ultimately choose, Enabling’s suggested solutions. Our solutions are built for the Food and Beverage industry. We have years of experience assisting many companies in this sector - listen to what our Enabling Raving Fan, Five:am has to say or download our Whitepaper.

"Sage X3 is a great product for our business.  It contains a whole lot of features that are important to us in the food industry."  Paul Woods - Site Manager Five:am

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