Sage Inventory Advisor Success Story | Medshop Australia

A dramatic increase in availability and sales

Medshop Australia is a leading provider of medical supplies to the Australian and Pacific Island region. With a number of warehouses and thousands of products, ranging from low value consumables through to high end hospital diagnostic equipment, we face many inventory and logistical challenges. It is critical for us to meet our clients’ delivery expectations whilst maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Our objectives were to find a solution that:

  • Integrated with Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) and Sage ERP X3
  • Provided a return on investment within 3 months
  • Increased product availability (and sales)
  • Highlighted areas of missed investment and opportunity
  • Provided high levels of user efficiency
  • Ensured scalability to cater for future growth

Medshop selected Sage Inventory Advisor to partner with. After an initial half day session which gave us the opportunity to highlight our business structure and objectives, the solution was configured and rolled out in less than two weeks.

Within 6 months, there was a 14% increase in product availability and 38% increase in sales with just a 16% increase in focused investment. The overall health of our inventory was significantly improved with faster stock turns and the value of overstocked lines in steady decline. All key objectives had been achieved well within the expected timeframes.

Sage Inventory Advisor is a highly valued solution that gives our business a competitive edge. Based on the results we have experienced, we are confident that it will be a long term partnership.

Steven Cumper
Director and Co-founder, Medshop Australia

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