Discover Sage X3 for Fresh Food

Thinking Off the Shelf

Opportunities for innovation abound for foods and beverages: being deep into specialty markets, prepared for busy consumers, and customised for specific applications.  The sky is the limit for higher margin solutions, with new long-term partnerships developing across diverse market sectors.  What can hold companies back are their internal systems and infrastructure unable to keep pace with the technology advances!

As you already know, the good news is that global demand for food and beverages is still growing.  This both supports and effectively requires capital investment in new technologies.  Now is the right time for thinking beyond traditional systems and taking a serious look at technological advances that provide the support for innovative products and processes and offer a healthy return on investment.       

“I would recommend Sage X3 to other companies.  In the economic conditions today, your prices need to be extremely sharp and the only way they are going to get sharp is through information.  Sage X3 provides that detail information necessary to make the right value proposition to the customer that allows it to be competitive and for you to be able to win the business and compete in today’s market place.” Mark Anderson, Vermon Plant Controller, RM Foods     

Discover Sage X3 for Fresh Food

Sage X3 Enterprise Resource Planning with manufacturing can offer your business:

  • Real Time Scheduling
  • Improved Customer Order Turnarounds
  • Better Stock Management (Raw Materials & Finished Goods)
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance
  • Full Tracking & Traceability

Read our Whitepaper to help you make sense of the fast-moving world of Fresh Food, the numerous business challenges faced and the processes and practices to help you respond efficiently.  It explores new technologies in the market place which are already influencing businesses and will benefit them further into the future.

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       Thinking Off the Shelf?

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