Sage X3

Sage X3 is the business solution designed with the user in mind.  Sage X3 provides your business with a fully equipped customisable dashboard and tools designed for easy navigation with a flexible interactive graphical view so users can be faster and make better-informed decisions based on real-time information.

Sage X3 provides your company and your user’s with mobile access to your systems, from any mobile device, tablet and smartphone so you can do business anywhere, anytime. 

Keep your customers happy and be introduced to new ones with quick access to data and the ability to respond to customer requests and prospect enquires with faster more accurate information as soon as possible.  Respond confidently and rapidly to changing business conditions, manage exceptions, receive instant alerts and notifications.

Sage X3 consolidates information for customer service, accounting, finance, sales and operations so all users are sharing the same information in real-time.  Manage multi-companies on multi-sites, regardless of their global location Sage X3 allows you to manage your multi-sites, multi-language, multi-country installations as simply as a single domestic site.  

  • Increase productivity
  • Access your data anywhere on mobile devices
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and streamline operations
  • Monitor performance in real-time, and get the insight you need
  • Share real-time data across the organisation to better serve your customers
  • Control cost and invest in growth
  • Flexible solutions designed for growth and international trade.

Your entire company can conduct day to day operations from the same information.  Users get more done in less time, with higher productivity and better results.

Sage X3 is intelligence where you need it.

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