Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Your business has collected a massive amount of data—and it’s only just begun. It’s growing by leaps and bounds every day, and it’s coming from new sources across your organisation. No wonder why it’s harder than ever to build a single, coherent picture of your business operations. Good news! Now you can transform that complex, fragmented data into meaningful information that has real decision-making power.

Intuitive, Empowering Business Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive business intelligence solution integrated with your Sage ERP system to help business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting, and make faster, better-informed decisions. It empowers all users with a simple solution to access and analyse data in a self-sufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialised skills, and can reduce time to decision.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence fully integrates with Sage 300 ERP and Sage ERP X3, plus it provides intuitive tools so you can securely access and analyse enterprise data with ease. The tight and secure integration of Sage Enterprise Intelligence with Sage ERP solutions ensures the reliability of critical business information and provides business users real-time and reliable information to make faster and better business decisions across the enterprise.

Cut through the noise

With all that data, you need some help to get through it. Sage Enterprise Intelligence connects to your Sage ERP solution and provides you with consistent, up-to-date information. Easy-to-use diagnostic and analysis tools help focus your attention on important events affecting your business.

• Make timely, better informed decisions.

• Increase productivity.

Get formidable decision support-quickly

Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides business users, managers, and executives with a simple means to access and analyse enterprise data. It’s easy to set up KPIs and personalized dashboards so you can view data that’s most meaningful to your role in the organisation. Some features include:

• Extensive data visualisation like gauges, maps, and charts.

• KPI timely alerts.

Give others the power to analyse data themselves

Provide users the power to analyse and create reports on their own. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is easy to use and offers an intuitive web interface and access through mobile devices. You can also leverage existing skills of business users by having them benefit from the power and ease of use of the Excel Add-in.

• Powerful search, browsing and drill-down capabilities.

• Live access to enterprise data from Microsoft® Excel.

Share and collaborate with ease

Simplify and accelerate the distribution of critical information across your organisation. Based on appropriate security, it’s easy to share information with Sage Enterprise Intelligence. Automatically generate and distribute reports based on a predefined schedule in the format of your choice.

• Enhance internal and external collaboration.

• Share information securely.

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