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On Center Software’s driving goal is to help customers increase win rates through the use of fast and accurate TakeOff and estimating/quoting software. As industry professionals, they understand that creating accurate TakeOffs and quotes/tenders as easily and quickly as possible can save time and money and increase your wins. On Center’s suite of software frees estimators from the tedious task of creating take-offs on paper plans and trying to calculate accurate results for complicated figures with a calculator. As an industry leader, On Center’s Quick Bid and On-Screen TakeOff® applications are in wide use by estimators around the world.

Revolutionising TakeOff from plans

To perform TakeOffs in the traditional manner, with paper plans, estimators often use a set of coloured pencils to keep track of their measuring. Going from page to page trying to remember what each colour means can be a tiresome affair.

There is a quicker, easier, more accurate way. The state-of-the-art technology behind On-Screen TakeOff allows estimators to perform TakeOffs on their computer screens without paper plans. For estimators who prefer paper plans, On-Screen TakeOff also includes digitiser functionality.

With On-Screen TakeOff, estimators can calculate linear, area, and volume measurements and quantify individual condition objects directly on the computer screen. In addition, estimators are able to navigate through drawings, zoom in and out on any area of any drawing, and print drawings.

It is very easy to learn and use. Most estimators can begin using On-Screen TakeOff in less than an hour. On Center Software’s revolutionary concept has made creating TakeOffs an easy and practical computer operation making On-Screen TakeOff the most advanced digital TakeOff tool on the market today.

Estimating – fast and accurate

Quick Bid was born out of both necessity and exasperation. For most, in order to create a more accurate quote/tender, you must price using production rates. This requires a considerable amount of accurate calculations. Also, to get a total, traditional quoting/tendering requires a pencil and calculator to count materials and assign pricing. In a perfect world, the estimator can complete this task without any distractions or interruptions. Yet, the fast-paced environment of the construction industry makes working without interruptions almost impossible, so Quick Bid does the calculating for you – and makes it easy to recalculate when changes are made. And for repetitive estimates you can start with a template so you just change what is required – with all the set up done already.

Once you set up Quick Bid with your materials and pricing, the calculations take care of themselves. Since its initial release almost 20 years ago, Quick Bid has helped thousands of estimators create bids more accurately and faster than could ever be practical with pencil and calculator.

Seamless integration and choices

Stand Alone Modules. On-Screen TakeOff and Quick Bid can be used as stand-alone applications in conjunction with your existing systems.

Both Modules Integrated. On-Screen TakeOff and Quick Bid can be used together: using the built in integration, any changes made in one program will be updated in the other. Your TakeOff data populates your estimating, with no need to enter, and check, the numbers again.

Complete Package. The best news is that On-Screen TakeOff and Quick Bid can be components of a complete end-to-end construction, engineering and project management focused application which includes both accounting and construction/project related functions – from business development, estimating, quotes and tender management, to procurement, project and job management, variations, progress payments, retention and final close-off.  

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