Mining Software

The mining industry is technically difficult and risky. Mining organisations need reliable technology solutions they can count on to help them do their job. That's why Enabling has worked together with our vendors and alliance partners to design industry specialised solutions that cover the entire spectrum of the mining processes from exploration to logistics and financials, from sales to asset maintenance.

At Enabling we have Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that fully integrate with core business processes to ensure that all necessary financial transactions are recorded during the full life cycle of the organisation’s assets and provide you with a Mining Management System. From the initial acquisition or construction of an asset, through maintenance, inspection, and repair of that asset during its life (and ultimate disposal), our Mining Management Systems capture all relevant financial transactions.

Benefits of a Mining Management System:

  • Reduced inventory and materials costs through improved visibility, collaboration, and strategic sourcing with suppliers
  • Improved cycle time and equipment utilisation – and capital conservation sized to market dynamics
  • Lower costs for connecting remote locations to headquarters and to customers
  • Alignment of supply and manufacturing requirements with dynamic shifts in prices and demand

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