Manufacturing Software

Enabling has worked within the manufacturing / production sector for many years utilising the “out of box” functionality or creating custom solutions to ensure business requirements in this industry are met. Enabling has experience and depth of product range which means that we can cater for any sized manufacturing businesses working from basic “Bill of Materials” and “MRP” Requirements to the more complex “process manufacturing” and “discrete manufacturing” requirements. By streamlining operations from the shop floor and out into other areas of the organisation (Financial, Customer & Project Management) this gives our customers the business benefits and efficiency gains (ROI) that are turning them into Raving fans.

Many businesses have disparate spread sheets to manage various aspect of financial reporting, which restricts the ability of the business to get timely information to make decisions. Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) system provides users with a flexible, integrated and live environment which reduces the time required to gather and analyse information. A fully integrated job costing solution ensures all costs are captured and correctly allocated, which gives management confidence that they can rely on the financial information for making decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems gives business the ability to manage sales staff better and to give them the information so they can do their job properly. A good CRM System allows business to see the success and conversion rates for individuals and whether everyone is adhering to best practice. Managing inventory in the manufacuturing industry requires an ERP systems, with both MRP and Warehouse Management capabilities that can automate many of the manual process. This allows a business to grow, while maintaining customer service and profitability.

Manufacturing: Replacing Legacy Systems to Integrate the Supply Chain
A maker of small industrial refrigeration units is running multiple custom-developed systems. It realises that the business cannot grow without an integrated system. It wants to use an integrated business management solution to improve information flow between the different aspects of the business. It hopes to reduce inventory, improve employee productivity, and make sure it takes advantage of all revenue opportunities with its customer base, including service revenues it is missing because it can't identify customers whose equipment is out of warranty. Its benefits analysis can include:

  • Labour costs - Improvements in efficiency may help it reduce the number of employees needed on the shop floor
  • Reduced inventory - More accurate reporting helps reduce inventory
  • Improved procurement - The ability to view previous purchases and monitor supplier performance will help reduce purchase costs
  • Improved revenue per customer - By selling additional service contracts, this manufacturer improves overall revenue
  • Reduced paper costs - Better communication between systems eliminates the need to print and deliver work orders

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Linco Food Systems

"We needed a local supplier, and Enabling had a good reputation and experience with installing NAV.  Our relationship with Enabling has been very good, and we have a single point of contact to discuss our requirements.  Everything is done immediately".

Allison O'Neill - Customer Service Manager, Linco Food Systems Pty Ltd

Trapeze Associates

"We had never been adequately trained by the inital installer of the system.  When Enabling came on board, we needed training, plus customisation, screens, reports, and tables.  We have built up a really good relationship with them.  The team has worked well with us, is always available, and is extremely customer focused.  That was one of the biggest changes in moving to Enabling".