Managed Services and Infrastructure

Enabling provides a solution-focused hosting service for our customers and their line of business applications.  We offer a fully managed service, not a self-service model, to remove the complications, distance and time-zones that may adversely affect your ability to resolve performance and access issues for you and your team.

The hosted service we offer incorporates enterprise level hardware within a purpose built datacentre for the secure deployment of both legacy 32 / 64 bit Windows application(s) and browser based deployments within a reliable, highly available facility.  

Core features of our Hosting Infrastructure include:

  • High quality switching for server and storage layer connectivity
  • Firewall security
  • Power protection including battery and generator backup that can provide continuous uptime in the event of localised power outage on the facility’s power grid
  • Fire protection including smoke detection and fire suppression systems
  • Air conditioning; to room and direct to rack through base of rack cabinet
  • Physical security via 24 x 7 security staffing / video monitoring; security clearance to access facility including ID check and hand (biometric) scanning / access control
  • Disk and cloud backup backup options
  • 24 x 7 network monitoring and notifications
  • Internet connectivity to multiple telecommunications carriers
  • Facility expertly managed – telecommunications provider grade
The key benefits of a centrally Hosted Solution: 
  • Significant up front cost savings and total cost of ownership
  • Reduced ongoing total cost of maintenance and simplified management
  • Higher service level and access to more advantage technologies and the most up to date software from key vendors

How can l assess the cost effectiveness of Hosting?
The most obvious place to look is at the significant up-front savings that are achieved by outsourcing key information technology infrastructure.

Items provided by the outsourcer could include:

  • Servers; database, Citrix, intranet, web, email, other purpose specific appliances
  • Network Switches
  • Power protection
  • Disk and Tape backup solutions
  • Racking and environmental systems
  • Server room security
  • Operating System and infrastructure software such as Windows, Citrix, VMWare
  • Application Software: MS-SQL, Microsoft Exchange
  • Security: Firewalls, Virus Control
  • Monitoring and pro-active control
In addition to direct information technology costs, the following reductions to corporate overheads and recurrent expenditure should be considered:
  • System administration
  • Consultant travel – (assuming that a local regional consultant available)
  • Insurance on IT equipment (no servers on site)
  • Software and hardware maintenance and warranty provision
  • Server power usage
  • Internet charges (better service, lower per megabyte cost)
  • Increased floor-space available to business;  a server room is not required and there is no requirement for a secure server environment as outlined above (lower premises rental, increased capacity to improve ROI on office space utilisation)
  • Interest on reduced capital deployed internally

To learn more about how your company or organisation can benefit from Enabling Managed Services and Infrastructure or to find out more, please call us or complete the contact us enquiry form opposite.