We are passionate about delivering true value to our customers - not only through the products we support, but more importantly in the way they are delivered and the calibre of our team.  Enabling has delivered thousands of projects over 23 years in business, and in that time has developed the processes and capabilities to maximise your return on investment.  Our Services Methodologies are proven and together with our team members we can help deliver your project outcome.  Enabling provides a number of key services, including; 

  • Business Analysis - Ensuring any project meets the goals of your business is the focus of our consultants who work with you to understand your needs and link these into the overall project via our Enabling Customer Direction Report.
  • Business Intelligence - Working with your team and your data sources to ensure simple comprehensive analysis of your data through dashboards and visualisations that you can manage, monitor and update.
  • Technical Consulting - Working with you to identify the architecture, design and configuration of the infrastructure and systems you need to meet your needs – now and in the future.
  • Business Consulting - Engaging People, Process and Technology, and our team is available to help drive process improvement, manage change and ensure you manage your key assets – your people and your information.
  • Solution Consulting -  Understanding your people and how they will use the application as a key part of their day to day tasks to ensuring your solutions are successful. 
  • Project Management - Our Project Management team follow and implement rigorous project management skills that ensure the successful planning and delivery of a project.
  • Development - Greenfield development; we can build and design new software solutions and programs, plus we have the ability to modify the standard suite of products that we support. Our Development process ensures we have clearly specified parameters, from customer approval through to testing and implementation.  It is our development policy to use standard industry tools (such as VB, .NET, etc), and we do not alter the back-end tables of the solutions in any way, thereby reducing the risk of ‘un-supportable’ solutions for customers, and paving the way for smooth product upgrades.
  • Cloud Services & SaaS to Managed Services - we can help you by teaming up with our leading partners.  Our mission is simple, pay-as-you-go software subscriptions – whether hosted or on-premise - we will assist to design and access the right cloud offering for your organisation.

Enabling will provide your business with an innovative solution which provides a modern, highly flexible and agile platform to support your people and your business strategy.  Click here to find out more about our Enabling Experience and Services Methodologies.