Inter Entity Transactions

When organisations have many related entities/ companies there can also be many inter entity transactions to manage the financial operations. Maybe you also have to log into and out of each company for each entry, many times. Enabling have solutions that simplify and automate the tasks, cutting the number of transactions required, increasing your efficiency and saving priceless time.  Our solutions automate the mirror entries, ensuring loan accounts stay in balance – to streamline a tedious process.

Trading  Where entities trade and/or perform services between each other, our solutions will initiate the reciprocal documents required, such as: purchase order – sales order, shipment advice - goods receipt, AR invoice - AP invoice, and save many hours’ time when processing many entries. There is no need to duplicate each entry for the other company.

Loan Account entries will be raised automatically, ensuring they balance:

  • Receive funds in one entity and allocate to Debtors in other entities.
  • Raise invoices in one entity and settle via Bank accounts belonging to other entities.

Funds Transfers  Where funds are transferred between bank accounts of different entities, the duplicating entries in the accounting system can also be automated.

Reporting  For consolidated reporting, the hard way is to export the data to spreadsheets, and cut and paste it all every month. Or you can cut the difficulties with a solution from Enabling.

Entities can include branches, divisions, departments, funds, projects, trusts or multiple companies.

With an inter entity transactions solution from Enabling, your financial data is more accurate, business processes streamlined - with tight control over transactions spanning multiple entities.


  • Time saved from eliminating duplicating entries & checking
  • Increased accuracy from automated processes
  • Streamline business processes
  • Keep each entity in balance
  • Simplicity with automated Due To and Due From transactions

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