There is a philosophy for what we do – and we call it ‘Five:amness’. We believe you get a unique view of the world at 5 AM – a sense of clarity rarely seen throughout the rest of the day. True, many of us are still sleeping, but there are others who embrace this time as their own – to cycle, surf, do yoga or otherwise greet the new day with a purity of mind, body and spirit. Our aim is to capture this ‘Five:amness’ and bottle it – to allow you a Five:am moment of your own – no matter what time of the day or night. Five:am organic yogurt is free from all the usual nasties and is loaded with far more pronounceable ingredients such as organic fruits and cane sugar, no part of Five:am’s production hurts the environment. You can find the Five:am range in major supermarkets and selected specialty stores throughout Australia.

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