eCommerce & EDI Solutions

eCommerce software is improving the way B2B and B2C businesses interact - with improved technology, richer functionality and tighter integrations to Finance Management Software. The whole eCommerce offering is less labour intensive and requires less manual re-keying while offering a complete view across the business from orders, inventory, delivery and payment. Enabling recognises the value of a fully integrated eCommerce software offering.

The real-time, end to end transfer of information which results ensures that not only are customers happy and customer service levels raised, but businesses are happy because the information is entered only once. The tighter inventory control means stock is where it is needed. The ability to report real-time activity as well as the required single point of entry for data changes are just some of the areas that make an eCommerce software solution from Enabling stand out.

Having one central database with real time visibility of orders, stock and customer dispatch details are key for any successful eCommerce software solution. Customer orders flow directly into the Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) System from the website, where they are checked and then sent to the warehouse via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for dispatch. When the warehouse ships each order, the ERP System is notified via EDI and an invoice generated. No more manual processing, duplicated data entry or double checking. The two way flow of information means information is always up to date. Invoicing and shipping details, including tracking information, are displayed in the customer’s online account.

Enabling gives retail trading partners an intelligent way to manage and fulfil orders via our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions. We can assist with the design and implementation of your industry's repository of EDI transaction maps and POS data from leading retailers, grocers and distributors, ensuring greater reliability, faster implementations, extensive supply chain visibility and insight for customers.

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Linen House

"Enabling was the only vendor that could supply a truly integrated end-to-end solution, with no third-party software or communication required, and at a realistic price point.  Enabling demonstrated a commitment to understanding our business processes and being able to provide valuable input to operational change brought about by system change".

Micro Mobility

"As we grew, it became apparent that our systems and processes were becoming increasingly labour-intensive, and beginning to hinder our growth. On top of this, the lack of watertight integration between our three systems – website, accounting package and warehouse - was resulting in errors that were becoming difficult to stay on top of."