Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems are fast becoming a key competitive strategy for managing interactions with customers, sales prospects and suppliers. A good CRM system will help a business attract, and win new customers, retain those the company already has, as well as reduce the costs of marketing and customer service. A CRM System provides a company-wide business strategy for businesses who value customer relationships. It provides a 360 overview of ALL relationships that contribute to the success of the business providing easy access and cooperation among the sales, service, and marketing teams.

A CRM System is an enterprise-wide view of how an organisation communicates with its stakeholders. An effective CRM System provides complete and consistent customer information so sales and marketing are tightly integrated. It allows customer service to manage customer relationships and expectations. A true CRM System provides anywhere, anytime access for management or remote users to view key organisational and customer information, and most importantly – the data remains accessible to the whole organisation.

Enabling offers a range of CRM System products, and has extensive experience in implementing, configuring and enhancing these solutions in a wide range of industries - having the right approach to ensure user adpotion.

Benefits of CRM Systems include:

  • Sales Automation:  Complete control of the sales pipeline by empowering sales teams to effectively manage, forecast and report on all phases of the sales cycle
  • Customer Case:  Ensuring satisfaction in customer interactions and even allowing customers controlled access
  • Marketing Automation:  Tracking ROI of marketing programmes by automating, tracking and analysing every marketing campaign, from one-time email communications to multi-faceted marketing programmes

Extended CRM or xRM - Enabling also has the ability to apply the core CRM principles and CRM technology beyond customer and supplier relationships; we have developed Extended CRM systems for varied industries and businesses that have needed a single database, or technology platform to manage the information flow through their organisation.  xRM is Anything(x) Relationship Management. It is the concept of leveraging a flexible and powerful platform, and the applications sitting on that platform, to meet any and all business requirements. 

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