System Architecture Design

In preparing a system architecture design, our assessment criterion includes consideration of:

  • Performance
  • Simplified scalability
  • Reliability and availability
  • Simplified management of the disaster prevention and recovery processes

Once all of these factors have been taken into consideration, we develop a plan for review with the customer, and create a costing model accordingly.

Business Process Analysis & Documentation
In order to ensure that the systems and services selected for implementation meet your stated business requirements, we believe that the opportunity to conduct an analysis of your business processes is critical to the overall success of any project.  Enabling’s assessment and systems evaluation methodologies are designed to ensure a thorough understanding of your core values and business operations and to provide a seamless integration of our corporate cultures.

Our high level approach focuses on, but is not necessarily limited to these key areas:

  1. Customer Familiarisation
    Underpinning our understanding of the organisational structure and business operations, as well as crystallising the expectations of corporate and project management, is our customer familiarisation process.  Combining site infrastructure assessments and customer staff interviews we are able to clarify our adherence to specific project outcomes and business returns and the expected impact on business workflows.
  1. Systems Familiarisation
    Combined with our knowledge gained in the Customer Familiarisation process and in collaboration with key project staff, we assess the system integration requirements of all preferred solutions in order to determine how these have met / will meet your stated system goals and objectives.
  1. Internet Utilisation and Network Security
    With increased emphasis on web-enabled access to solutions and business tools, we expect that a significant aspect of any scoping review must cover topics such as network bandwidth and access security such as:
  • that the bandwidth available is sufficient to support the amount (number of users) and type (mail, web and thin-customer) of network traffic being proposed
  • that sufficient security exists to support the level of external access and system functionality expected.
  1. Transition to Desired Environment
    Critical to our integration, migration and deployment methodologies, as well as ensuring­ a measureable return on investment (ROI) and /or lower total cost of ownership (TCO), will be a high-level assessment of the processes and ‘gaps in expectation’ that may exist in the ‘Desired Environment’ and the chosen business partner solutions.

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