ROI Analysis

From day one, your investment needs to pays off:

  • Increase productivity and reduce cost – reduce travel expenditure and staff downtime
  • Create revenue opportunities through better decisions making and by being more responsive
  • Enhance the business value of your IT investments from within by leveraging your most expensive and creative resources – your people
  • Enable centralised access to critical information and your business intelligence (BI) systems to ensure your business makes timelier and better informed decisions                     

A major commitment of our professional service process’ is to understand and exemplify the corporate justification for a project; culminating in a demonstration of return on investment. 

One size does not always fit all and significant benefits are achievable from modest investments. Sometimes you can’t measure the gains directly and sometimes the real gain is measured against the cost of not doing it.

 “… the more people use something, the more valuable it becomes …” – Metcalfe’s Law.


With ITC compliance such a broad topic it is easy to see how IT can lose direction and momentum when ensuring that business compliance requirements underpin operational considerations. 

Issues as to privacy, policy and procedure, certification and qualification are generally acknowledged but fully understanding their impact, and implementing systems to ensure that you are compliant, may not always be straightforward.

Without discounting the topic as a whole, there are several ‘hot items’ that continually confront IT.  By just addressing these areas can go a long way to reducing compliance risk:

  • Identity life-cycle management (ILM) with a focus on authentication and authorisation
  • Document life-cycle management (DLM) focusing on retention and recovery
  • Electronic asset management with a focus on software licensing (SAM)
  • Monitoring

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