Construction and Project Management Software

Enabling has a team of dedicated professionals located throughout Australia and New Zealand, whose sole focus is the construction industry. Our CPE (construction, property and engineering) team understand and appreciate the challenges that the industry faces and have a range of solutions for all construction types.
Benefits of our CPE Systems include:
  • Productivity – time saved with one system instead of separate systems and many spreadsheets
  • Efficiency – automated functions and templates leave time for more important tasks
  • Information - the right information when you need it. No need to wait for accountants’ reports or manipulate spreadsheets
  • Up to date – know how well each job is going, now not after the event, and make better decisions Improved systems – perform jobs in better ways with smart systems
  • Information Access - data anytime, anywhere, and on the devices of your choice
  • One Version of the Truth – one system, not many
  • Leading Technologies - the solution will continue to progress and evolve as platforms evolve
Enabling understands that a good solution for, say, a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer is unlikely to work well for the very different requirements of construction, engineering and project management. We provide specialist, state of the art construction software systems to automate and simplify estimating and quoting, keep track of all the components and changes within a project and, at the same time, making sure you can track costs against budget for each project. You will know precisely how your jobs are going– before it is too late. This also assists businesses in reducing costs, improving interactions with customers and suppliers, and making faster, smarter decisions - and fits your reporting requirements too.

If you just need specific components, not a full system, that is possible too, such as an estimating solution or on screen take-off, or an end to end integrated construction and project management solution from business development, estimating, quotes and tender management, procurement, project and job management, variations, progress payments, retention to final close off.

To learn more about how your company or organisation can benefit from our Construction and Project Management solutions or to find out more, please call us or complete the contact us enquiry form opposite.

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