The right information, at the right time,  at the right price

Info-Explorer allows you to summarise, to drill down into, and “slice and dice” your data - giving multiple perspectives of the same data.  Data is analysed using a cube viewer for intuitive, multi-dimensional and graphical reporting with drill down.  In real time, users can obtain clear insight into your business operations.

Unshackled from needing IT specialists to generate new reports, users “slice and dice” their data themselves – self-service and time saving.  The user controls the filtering and formatting of data without having to be overwhelmed by information overload. Your data is accessible to the people who need it, not hard to get and use - but with security.

Use it to track, compare and analyse sales and purchasing, analyse marketing results, monitor KPIs, analyse profitability and inventory, deliveries. Many companies discover problems that were not apparent in standard reporting.  With greater efficiency, freeing up cash makes good sense too.

Benefits of Info-Explorer Business Intelligence (BI) System:
• Efficient and time saving reporting
• Better decision making based on facts not guesses or intuition
• Empowers your people to focus on what is important to measure
• Gives visibility into trends and potential problems
• Eliminates multiple reports with a single multi dimension cube
• Reduces need for spreadsheets for reporting
• Accurate data with out risks of spreadsheet
• Improved productivity based on time saved, better information, better decisions
• Greater efficiency can free up cash and capital

Using  Info-Explorer. Reap the benefits:
• Focus on customers and margin/profit rather than products and sales
• Monitor KPIs
• Combine data from  different systems to analyse
• Obtain results fast, not after the event and view graphically
• Look at trends and compare with similar cases

Here are some of the powerful reports that become easy:

For Management, Customer Service
• On time delivery, by customer, location, product, how late
• Customer satisfaction, complaint/quality analysis by cause, product, customer, measure

For Finance
• Dissected COGS trend over time
• High level cost variances from budget
• AR and AP analysis for cash flow and capital budgeting
• Return on capital analysis

For Sales and Marketing
• Sales results, broken up by dimensions, e.g. margin, product, or adding person, customer, region
• Sales results against forecasts, broken up by dimensions
• Sales results by employee, with margin, budget, etc
• Sales forecasts against time and likelihood - pipeline
• Customers analysed by profitability and revenue, dissected and in aggregate
• Campaign results against time, campaign, market, product…

For Purchasing and Supply Chain
• Inventory levels and stock turnover by time and location
• Supplier on-time performance
• Shipping costs by location, carrier, customer type, cargo

These are some of the ways to benefit from a good Business Analysis tool, such as Info-Explorer, to gain deeper insight into our business.

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