Customer evaluates new Sage ERP Accpac Portal: a Winner!

The RMTU (Rail and Maritime Transport Union) accepted an invitation by Enabling and Sage to be part of a Beta testing programme for the dynamic, new look Sage ERP Accpac 6.0. The union is a long term user of Sage ERP Accpac, using it to manage the finances, and ensure day to day activities run smoothly. Accpac's new-look portal has proven a winner for the union. This union has responsibility for the interests of railway and maritime workers in New Zealand. All members, in any role, have equal rights. The number one priority of the union is looking after the interests of members.

"I really like the new Portal Feature", says Leonie Stieller, from the union administration. "Instead of having to take ages to produce a lot of the reports, the portal tells us where we are at a glance. I still have to produce some reports but nowhere near as many as I used to."

Using the information shown in the portal, it is easy to quickly track payables and purchasing activity, and drill down to analyse particular items. It's fundamental in helping plan for future expenditure and to control costs. "Because we're an incorporated society representing members and managing members' funds, we don't fit into the normal category of Accpac customers. But it still satisfies our needs and the new version has made our job that much easier."

Desktop navigation is easy with the Sage ERP Accpac Portal, allowing users customisable, fast access to key information, and making everyday tasks quicker and more efficient. The familiar, classic Sage ERP Accpac Desktop continues along with the new portal, for added convenience. However, the new Portal simplifies the screen layout and maximises multi-tasking, something asked for by customers in Sage's customer feedback mechanism.

With the new portal being web-based, users have access to Accpac via a web browser, anytime and anywhere - with proper security rights. Supervisors and managers can view key performance business metrics, important information and reports without having to be actual system users, helping manage costs and improve decision making. For the future, the union is planning to move to electronic banking using Sage ERP Accpac.

For the RMTU, Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 is a winner.